if we should perhaps be taking a look at increasing the prison sentence for rape. Looking at the judicial system, the guidelines for sentencing rape varies a lot. I have never been raped, and I don’t know of any London escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/ who have been raped while on duty. But, women are still being raped all of the time, and many London escorts feel that migrant crisis is bringing the issue of rape to the forefront. It has hard to believe that gangs are roaming European capitals, raping women.

First of all, who are these people? A lot of people seem to have been let into to Europe without having passports and any type of travel documentation. I know that it is not an easy situation but there has to be limits. A couple of London escorts who come from Syria say that it is not normal behavior for young men from their country, and I can tell you that they are pretty angry about. Like I said to the girls, we don’t know that it is men from Syria raping women. But, I do know how they feel,. Believe it or not, a lot of London escorts feel that they have great deal of social responsibility.

I have been working with Syrian London escorts long enough to appreciate that they are decent people. The Syrian men that I have met, have all been well educated. Speaking to my Syrian friends at London escorts, I think that we misunderstand their culture a lot. Then again, maybe many of these people are not Syrian at all. Reading the papers, it sounds very much like we are unsure where these people actually come from. We should judge them until we know a lot more about them.

The girls at cheap London escorts who come from Syria, have never heard of mass rape in Syria. I would have a tendency to believe my friends, and ask if these people are actually from Syria. How on earth could they have been let into Europe without having any travel documentation? We may have let dangerous criminals in, and I have a funny feeling that unless we are careful, we will see the same thing on the streets of London soon. It could be that these people are criminals in the first place. At least that is what my Syrian girlfriends at London escorts say.

It is heart breaking, and I do feel sorry for all of the girls from Syria. Living in London when the rest of your family is in Syria, or trying to keep safe in the Lebanon, cannot be easy. I am sure that the girls are taking all of this pretty hard, and they are trying to get by one day at the time. What is the future of Europe? I am not sure what is going to happen in the future, but I don’t think I am going to be arranging any holidays any time soon. It is just a little bit to scary to travel at the moment.


Can you help me please? I thought my problem would get better when I started dating Essex escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/essex-escorts but it hasn’t. You see I am addicted to kink, and anything which is slightly kinky turns me. I can’t have sex with my regular girlfriend without talking dirty or using sex toys, and she is getting rather fed up. Sometimes she says that she would just like me to be romantic, and would like us to go to be to make love. For me that is easier said than done, and I always need to do something kinky.

Okay, I know that Essex escorts are just sexy companions, but I thought that more female companionship would have solved the problem. My girlfriend works all day, and she sometimes comes home late due to pressure of work. Don’t get me wrong I love, it is just that our libidos and sex drives are mismatched. Our jobs are a problem as well. I am a long haul pilot and that allows me to spend my time alone at home during down time.

When I am alone at home I just fill my days with porn videos, or I go into town and date Essex escorts. All the porn movies I watch are seriously kinky, but I just can’t help myself. My girlfriend knows what is going on and she is encouraging me to seek help. She would like me to go and see a sex therapist or a counselor, but I am just too embarrassed to.

The problem with kinky sex started a few years ago, and now I don’t seem to be able to stop dating Essex escorts neither. If it is not one kind of addiction, it is another kind. I was reading somewhere about addictive personalities, and I wonder if I have one of those. I know that I am also addicted to fast cars, and I drive fast everywhere.

It certainly sounds like you have a lot of things going on in your life all at once. If you are not dating Essex escorts, you are watching porn movies or driving too fast. Yes, it is true, some people just have addictive personalities, and sometimes we all need a bit of help. Some people are addicted to gambling and others are addictive to shopping. I am not sure how an addictive personality is defined but I do think that you should speak to a professional.

It could be that something happened in your life, and now you are struggling to find out how you are reacting to the event. It could be that you accepted it, but something in the back of your mind is struggling to understand what happened. A counselor or therapist will be able to find this out, and should be able to help you.
It is nothing to be embarrassed about and I think that I would just think of it as a bit of mind detox. But, it is also nice to be able to enjoy the company of kinky Essex escorts.…

There are many different Paddington escorts but for some reason brunettes seem to be high in demand in Paddington. It could be that many men dates in this area prefer brunette Paddington escorts as to compared to blonde escorts from other parts of town, or is just that there are more brunette Paddington escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/paddington-escorts.

Once you start looking through the agencies that offer Paddington escorts services, you will soon appreciate that there are more brunettes working in Paddington. It is not rally clear why but a lot of out of town girls seem to be working as Paddington escorts. Girls from Eastern Europe, Spain and Italy are more likely to have brown hair, or be brunettes, than girls from other parts of the world.

That being said, there are blonde Paddington escorts as well and you will have no problem finding a blonde escort to have some fun with if you are that way inclined. However, here at Better Sex we like to take things one step further and sat down to chat to a couple of the bruentte Paddington escorts to find out how they like living and working in London.

Vanessa from France

Yes, I am a natural brunette and I have been working as part of a Paddington escorts service for 18 months now. I love living in London and I find that a lot of the girls that work here are really friendly. Another thing I really like is London itself. I am from Lyon, and compared to London it is actually quite dark and dreary. One thing that makes London such a great place to live in is all the parks. They are like great big natural oasis, and it is wonderful to be able to be so close to greenery. The same thing can’t be said for Lyon.

There is also a lot more work here than in Lyon. Although I do miss certain things about my home country, it is quite easy to pop back and I love the fact that you can take the train. In Lyon I had to have a car to get around but in London I do not need to have a car at all. It is so convenient to be able to use the Underground or take a taxi. I just love it here!

Bacarra from Barcelona

I left Barcelona because it was really hard to make a living as an escort in Barcelona. The financial crisis has affected Spain really badly, and a lot of the business men I used to date, could not afford extra services any more.

I didn’t know a lot about London before I came here but thanks to the help of other escorts, I was able to find a job and I now have many regulars. The problem is that the weather is not as great as in Barcelona but Easyjet has a lot of flights, so I can easily poop home for a few days. I love working in London as it is such an easy to live in but I am not sure I want to stay here forever. At the moment, I miss my family a little bit but there are so many advantages of living in London, that for the time being I am going to stay here.

This proves why Paddington is such a special place, you will be able to find escorts from all over the world here. Why don’t you come and meet some of the gorgeous brunettes of Paddington?!…

If you like, you can even add something a little bit freaky to make it even more exciting. One of the girls at London escorts like to dress up as vampire. I thought she was joking at first, but then the other girls at our London escorts service from https://escortsinlondon.sx told me that she actually believes in vampires. Apparently there are more than 15,000 urban vampires in the UK, and you can even go to sex parties just for vampires. It all sounded a bit crazy to me so I started to check things out. I have always liked the unusual and perhaps there was something that I could get involved with which was a little bit freaky. If you have been dating at London escorts for some time, it really helps you to take your head out of gear for a while. You may even want to do so with some of your fellow friends at London escorts. I love to dress up, and if you are into dressing up, you will find there are numerous venues that cater for you. Sex parties in London is the latest craze. Not all of the girls at our London escorts service go, but rather a few of them to go. You can find a sex party to suit every taste, and some of them can be rather freaky. I have even been to a sex party in London where all of the attendees dressed up as French maids. That was not very freaky but it was a lot of fun, and I know that many of the girls at London escorts like the parties which are freaky and fun. But, if you don’t like freaky sex parties, you can be freaky at home on your own. I once asked the dominatrix who works for our London escorts service if she practices the art at home. She says that she does, but it took her ages to get her boyfriend used to BDSM. Her advice is to take it slow, and buy one thing at a time. Start by investing in some clothing and then take things step by step to find out what your partner’s limitations are when you are playing. Freaking someone out so much that you scare them is no good at all. Why do we like freaky things? I think that we all have this need to slip into another personality from time to time. I never used to think about freaky sex until I joined London escorts, but then I realised how much fun it can be. It is a lot like role play, and you can make up your own characters. At first you are bound to feel awkward about with your partner, but once you have got used to being freaky for fun, you will more than likely enjoy your sessions . I do, but I have to admit that my boyfriend is just getting used to his freaky new girlfriend if you know what I mean.…

It is sadly true, and when I worked abroad, I did notice that a lot of my colleagues had been enhanced. Of course, they all looked great in their photos, but the sad truth was that they did not look that great in person. When I returned to London, I noticed that a lot of the girls who worked here in London, also seemed to have spent a fortune on enhancement surgery. I have not had any enhancement and I honestly think that gents prefer it that way.

Instead of joining an elite escort agency in London, I decided to start my own escorts agency. But, I did not want my escorts agency to be sort of a run of a mill agency. Instead, I wanted it to be something a little bit different, and this how the idea to Hounslow escorts came to me. None of the girls who work for Hounslow escort services have had plastic surgery. They are all just natural beautiful girls and that is what I was after. Having said that, it was not very easy to achieve.

First of all, I thought it was going to be easy to find natural girls, but it was quite the opposite. Most of the girls who applied to join Hounslow escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/hounslow-escorts, had some sort of plastic surgery. To be honest, I didn’t know that there was so much silicon in the UK, and I was pretty shocked when I discovered how many girls had surgery. It was really tough to find natural escorts, and it seemed to take me ages to find the right girls for the agency. As a matter of fact, I almost gave up at one stage.

In the end, I started to look at the many foreign girls who had applied to join Hounslow escorts. I soon discovered that fewer of them had gone under the knife, and most of them were naturally beautiful. Now, many of the girls who work for the agency, come places like Poland and Hungary. All of the girls from these countries do have perfect bodies, but their bodies are natural perfect bodies and I think that you can spot that a mile off. I am glad that I hung on in there, and followed my original idea, but it was hard work.

Lots of local gents use Hounslow escorts. It is nice, and I am pleased to say that many of them like to date my girls because they are natural. They say that the girls who work for me seem to be more genuine. It is probably true, a lot of the girls are not only very naturally beautiful, they all have hearts of gold as well. I am sure that you can spot a genuine girl a mile off, and this is why so many gents like to use our service. The girls are proud to work here, and I am proud of them.…

The hottest girls in Wembley, London seem to be busy dating the richest guys in town at the moment, but how do the locals feels about it? The Better Sex Guide decided to ask a couple of the local chaps how they felt about their favorite Wembley escorts are too busy to see them. Paul dates a lot of girls in Wembley and is quite philosophical about it. He says that it happens every year and eventually you get used to it. I understand that the girls are busier this time of the year, so I date elsewhere, says Paul with a relaxed smile.


But are all local gents just as relaxed? It appears not. Some of the local gents really get annoyed about the dating situation in Wembley. A lot of the blame the bosses who run the agencies. They say they should plan ahead a bit better and get more Wembley escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/wembley-escorts for the summer. In that case, there would be more escorts and the local gents would not have to date elsewhere. It is probably perfectly true. It would be a good idea to recruit some more escorts for the summer so the local gents could see their regular girls.


If it only was that easy, says Alan, who owns a local Wembley escorts agency. I have tried doing this in previous years but it did not quite work out. The main problem was that the girls I got hold of were not experienced enough and they could not charge the same rates as the more experienced girls. I would love to lower the rates, but this is a good business opportunity for us. I know there is a lot of talk about unfair rates, but this will keep my business going if I hit any bumpy patches, says Alan.


The fact is that escorts services, such as Wembley escorts services, are becoming more and more expensive. Alan is quick to point out that rents and business rates in this part of London are still rising sharply. Many local London people cannot afford to live here anymore, says Alan. It is not only the private people who are moving away, many business are as well. We may have to move if it gets much more expensive to work in central London and all of the girls understand that. It is almost like some companies and business are being driven out, says Alan.


Sadly this is very much a fact of working and living in London today. If you look around London you will see that it isn’t just Wembley escorts services that are having to be careful with expenditure. Many families struggle as well and supermarkets like Aldi are becoming more and more popular. People are trying to cut back on daily living expenses but it isn’t always easy. We all still need to eat and to travel to work. Traveling around London is not cheap at all and many people around London are struggling with high daily living expenses.…

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Not all of the hottest escorts in London work in places like Mayfair and Knightsbridge. Reading may be part of London, and may not even have to most exciting name when it comes to dating hot and sexy escorts, but I know different. In the last couple of years, I have dated around a fair bit, and I have met some really hot and sexy ladies. The girls I met on my holiday in Las Vegas were sexy hot pots, but so far nothing has matched Karla of Reading. As far as Reading escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/reading-escorts go, she is the perfect bit of hot stuff.

Karla is one of those sort of girls who can fulfill your fantasies without you having to tell her about them. The first time I met Karla, I was dying for some sexy companionship. It had been a really long stressful week at work, and I just needed some light sexy fun relief. In my heart of hearts, I appreciated that i was looking for a bit of fantasy girl that evening. Many of my favorite Reading escorts were busy, and the girl on the front desk suggested a new girl called Karla. I went with the suggestion and had never looked back since.

When I first feasted my eyes on Karla, I just couldn’t believe my eyes. All of the girls that I normally date at Reading escorts are hot, but Karla looked amazing. Her long blonds locks curly seductively down her front, and the front two locks formed little loops around her nipples that stuck through her T-shirt. She smiled and me, and invited me into her boudoir. She must have picked up on my mood straight away as she invited me to enjoy a massage. It was just what I needed to start with.

The massage helped me to relax, and I could start to enjoy the rest of my couple of hours with Karla. I only date Reading escorts a couple of times per week, so I normally arrange my date of two hours. On this occasion I wish I had arranged for a longer date as I could see that I would not be able to get enough of this little vixen in one sitting. Karla treated me two a couple of hours of sheer delight, and I just knew I had to see her again. As a matter of fact, I arranged for an all night outcall the next day.

The outcall around my home the following evening was incredible. I was exhausted from working all day but Karla soon saw to that. After the first hour I felt energized enough to take on the world, but I still let Karla pamper me. We spent a night enjoying the most delightful pleasures and one pleasure was greater than the other. I could not believe what was happening to me, and it was hard to imagine that girls like Karla could be found at Reading escorts. My sinful, pleasurable Karla is now the light of my life.…

I am sure that I am not the only girl who has accidentally kissed a girl. Working for London escorts has taught me to be open minded, but even so, I must admit that I felt kind of weird after having kissed one of my London escorts colleagues by accident. It happened on a night out. We were both a bit drunk and ended up slow dancing. I felt really awkward about it but my friend was okay. She is bisexual and has been in relationships with women before.

No matter what you say, I still feel strange about what happened. It made be doubt my own sexuality. My London escorts profile says that I am straight, but I have started to wonder if I am actually bisexual. Since the kiss, I have met up with my London escorts friend on several occasions. Although we do not talk about our kiss, you can tell there is something in between us. It feels good when she touches me and I like touching her as well.

The other week, we had the same day off from London escorts. She texted me and asked me if I fancied spending the day together with her. I was not sure if it was the right thing to do. I often spend my weekly day off from London escorts on my own doing the things that I need to do. But, I thought what the heck and ended up spending the day with my friend instead. We had a great time together and had the opportunity to get to know each other a bit better. Still, we did not talk about that kiss.

Towards the end of the afternoon, my friend asked me back to her place for coffee. As we were still in what I like to call girlie mood, I decided that I would go. The thought going through my mind of kissing a great woman, that we may end up kissing each other again never occurred to me. Anyway, we decided to make the most of our day off from London escorts. We bought some cake and went back to my friend’s place and spent the afternoon chatting about life, the universe and everything. It would be fair to say that during the afternoon we became pretty close and felt even closer.

As I went to leave, my friend walked me to the door. She looked at me with her gorgeous brown eyes, stroked my cheek and moved her eyes slowly towards my cleavage. Before I knew it, she was kissing the space in between my breasts. It felt really good and I did not want her to stop. I did worry that having a relationship with a London escorts friend could be awkward but I did feel that we have something going on. Anyway, before things got more complicated but I have to admit that I miss my friend’s kisses.

What should I do? I am not sure that I have the personal strength to explore my sexuality. At the same time, I do feel that it is something that I ought to do. I so enjoyed those kisses.…