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I am at the Tate Britain according to a Cheap London Escort girl. Basically, I wanted to talk a little bit about art. And I just don’t get art. I’ve never really understood it. Growing up, going to galleries, I’d be like, “Why is this here?  “I don’t understand.”

And everyone would be talking about how majestic this piece is or how famous this artist is. And I was just like, “Why, though?” Like who decides? Who decides?

As a teenager, I always felt really alienated by the art that I saw, and the things that people were telling me was good art, and like, “This is groundbreaking.”

And I always felt like I wasn’t having the correct response to art that I was seeing.

I would watch other people look at art, and be like, “Wow, isn’t that amazing.” And I’d be there, staring at it, going, “What?” But art isn’t just this, it isn’t just old historical paintings and things like that.

Art isn’t just limited to one kind of form. Music is art, graphic design, a YouTube video even.

Art can be absolutely anything. People always say that art makes you feel something, so if whatever it is like evoking an emotional response from you, then that is art, really.

What makes you feel?

Poetry, books, films, TV shows, theater, graffiti, makeup, hair, costume, fashion, doodles, body paint. Sorry, I’m getting carried away now. Another thing that I find really interesting is not just like what art is, but why art is. So, like the purpose behind what the art is.

Is it art to document a certain person or a certain event. Is it art to express a political opinion or belief. Art just for art’s sake, to look pretty, that’s also fine. If you have the same kind of response to art as I did, it doesn’t mean you’re stupid.

And you shouldn’t let anyone tell you that you’re like unappreciative of real art. You will find some form of art that you will get, and you will relate to. So it doesn’t matter if you find this or whatever else unreliable. Art isn’t static. You can change its meaning and adapt it. It doesn’t have to mean the same thing to the artist as it does mean to you.

Maybe, like me, you find the traditional art world pretentious and elitist. Maybe you don’t, but that’s cool, you’ll find your own form of art.

To be honest, when I found out about that guy who punched an eight million pound Monet painting and was jailed for it, I kind of wanted to high five him, but disclaimer, don’t punch art, like, I’m not encouraging that.

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