There is more than one way to spice up your sex life.


If you like, you can even add something a little bit freaky to make it even more exciting. One of the girls at London escorts like to dress up as vampire. I thought she was joking at first, but then the other girls at our London escorts service from told me that she actually believes in vampires. Apparently there are more than 15,000 urban vampires in the UK, and you can even go to sex parties just for vampires. It all sounded a bit crazy to me so I started to check things out. I have always liked the unusual and perhaps there was something that I could get involved with which was a little bit freaky. If you have been dating at London escorts for some time, it really helps you to take your head out of gear for a while. You may even want to do so with some of your fellow friends at London escorts. I love to dress up, and if you are into dressing up, you will find there are numerous venues that cater for you. Sex parties in London is the latest craze. Not all of the girls at our London escorts service go, but rather a few of them to go. You can find a sex party to suit every taste, and some of them can be rather freaky. I have even been to a sex party in London where all of the attendees dressed up as French maids. That was not very freaky but it was a lot of fun, and I know that many of the girls at London escorts like the parties which are freaky and fun. But, if you don’t like freaky sex parties, you can be freaky at home on your own. I once asked the dominatrix who works for our London escorts service if she practices the art at home. She says that she does, but it took her ages to get her boyfriend used to BDSM. Her advice is to take it slow, and buy one thing at a time. Start by investing in some clothing and then take things step by step to find out what your partner’s limitations are when you are playing. Freaking someone out so much that you scare them is no good at all. Why do we like freaky things? I think that we all have this need to slip into another personality from time to time. I never used to think about freaky sex until I joined London escorts, but then I realised how much fun it can be. It is a lot like role play, and you can make up your own characters. At first you are bound to feel awkward about with your partner, but once you have got used to being freaky for fun, you will more than likely enjoy your sessions . I do, but I have to admit that my boyfriend is just getting used to his freaky new girlfriend if you know what I mean.

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