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When I was younger and first started going out with guys, I never used to think very much about dating. I knew that the local guys I dated would take me down to the pub for a drink and perhaps a packet of pork scratchings. Since I have been working for London escorts, I have come to realise that men are rather disadvantaged when it comes to dating. That certainly applies to British men. The foreign men I date at London escorts seem to be much more creative when it comes to dating.

Recently I seem to have picked up rather a lot of American businessmen. I date more and more Americans at London escorts. When it comes to going out on date with London escorts, many American are very creative. They will pick you up in a nice car, take you shopping for a fancy dress and out for a nice meal. Many times they will follow up that meal and take you out for cocktails or the opera. They clearly love to enjoy the company of London escorts.

What about French men? Despite the threat of Brexit, there are still a lot of European businessmen around in London. Not all of them, but certainly a few, seem to enjoy dating London escorts. Most European businessmen are not as generous as American businessmen. Instead of going the ‘whole hog” as the Americans say, they like to their London escorts out for a couple of drinks, and bistro style meal. They are not as chatty as Americans and may not date escorts every time they come to London.

What Arab businessmen? Many Arab men that I have met in London really seem to enjoy the company of London escorts. I think that they think that we are perhaps a bit more exciting to spend time with than their wives. When I date Arab men in London, I often end up meeting them in hotels. They seem to have the ability to find the best hotel suites in London. Instead of taking you out for a meal, many will dine with you in their hotel rooms. I think that they like to talk to us as we are more keen to express an opinion.

Not all men are disadvantaged when it comes to dating, but I do think that many of them are stumped on what to do on a night out with London escorts. I simply love dating American businessmen because they are a lot of fun to spend time. They are very easy going and that makes for a great date. European are okay but a little bit “cooler” perhaps than American men. Arab men love to spoil their girls at London escorts and keep showering us with gifts. There is no good or bad attitude towards dating London escorts really just different dating styles as I like to say.

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